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Overview of Existing Moba Mobile Games in the World

PC MOBA has become the biggest sensation in the PC gaming market for the incredibly engaging and challenging experience that it provides. PC MOBA gaming has developed its market for more than ten years, accumulating a considerable amount of players and fans. It extends the player experience to the e-sport so that it can also include more potential players who are not familiar with complex gameplay but enjoy watching people’s play.
In addition to the success on PC, MOBA gaming had a great move from PC to mobile, so I want to look at the major popular MOBA mobile games in the current market.

Categorizing the mobile games by its launch country is not feasible because most of them have multiples launched territories, so I listed the games in order of the developers.

Chinese Developers

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  • Game Title: 王者荣耀 Honour of Kings
  • Developer: Tencent
  • Launch Date: 2015/11/26
  • Performance: Top Grossing of all mobile apps in China, $1.6 billion generated in 2019
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  • Game Title: Mobile Legends
  • Developer: Mooton
  • Launch Date: 2016/7/11
  • Performance: No. 1 mobile games downloads in Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia and Cambodia, with 6 million+ DLs
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American Developers

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  • Game Title: Vainglory
  • Developer: Rogue Games, Inc.
  • Launch Date: 2014/11/16
  • Performance: an award winning free-to-play cross-platform MOBA, 45 million+ DLs in total
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European Developers

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  • Game Title: Brawl Stars
  • Developer: Supercell
  • Launch Date: 2017/6/15
  • Performance: Brawl Stars has gained notable popularity in Asian. It brought in $422m revenue in its first year.
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