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What is a Good Way to Develop the Marketing Plan for Mobile Games?

I am taking a class called Marketing Digital Media and it provides a precious chance to have a deep understanding of the motion-picture industry and the music industry. The most part I love about this class is that it brings in the change of business model so that we are able to see how the power has been shifted between different stakeholders over time. I feel that seeing the shift of power and the shift of customer demand can inspire us to think about the story behind it so that we can develop a marketing strategy that is not just roughly distributing the money we have but creating an effective and reasonable plan to promote our products.

In the gaming industry, the success of a game depends on factors of various aspects such as the timing of the game launch, the launch area, the marketing strategy and expense, the localization quality, and, last but not least, the market trend influenced by technological improvements. We can’t roughly advise on the marketing expense that people should put on their game launch because every company has different own financial abilities and concerns. However, providing market insights should be a helpful way to prevent people from getting an unpleasant surprise from something they were either unaware of or thought was safe to ignore.

From my past experience at game publishers, I realized that marketing expense is always the most toxic burden that stops the service of a game. Pouring good money at the early stage of the game launch to draw attention is an often-seen method. If the mobile game luckily performed well and solidified a group of loyal players who pay for the game, it would probably be able to reach its estimated sales and last from 8 to 16 months. However, the worst case would be that the game didn’t achieve its ideal KPI so that the publisher and the developer had to take the hit. Needless to say, this method is like a gamble. I have been puzzled for a long time, seeing many companies suffer from the damage that this kind of “market strategy” causes.

I want to think about how to develop a marketing plan that leverages marketing tools and nowaday advertising methods to prevent such tremendous failure. Obviously, there are numerous advertising ways for marketers to plan around their games: In-game Advertising, Online Advertising, and Offline Advertising and it is essential to make an effective distribution of these channels. To get the research started, I articulate some research questions.

  • How has technology improved advertising tools from 2010 to 2020?
  • What is the expense distribution change between online, offline and in-game advertising?
  • What information shows trends ? (Data interpretation / identify the data that need to look )
  • What makes the cheapest marketing plan?
  • Can i get that data?
  • What can I find useful to achieve the answers?

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