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Independent Study: The Future of League of Legends

This is an independent study conducted by Evelyn Yu, a graduate student from Entertainment Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon University.

The study will deliver research involving

  • What do the gaming trends we are seeing mean for the future of Riot Games and the game League of Legends?
  • How the business strategy and business model the Riot Games applying have changed since the release of League of Legends in 2009?
  • How does the MOBA mobile game market look in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau? What does the launch plan of the mobile version of League of Legends – Wild Rift look like in these countries?

The personal purpose of this study is to

  1. Learn to propose a professional mobile game launch plan.
  2. Learn to understand market and target audience by researching emerging game markets in SEA such as Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, India and Indonesia.
  3. Learn business models (battle pass, subscriptions), and gaming innovations (like hyper casual, auto chess).
  4. Learn market data research, establishment of assumptions to present a persuasive launch plan. 
  5. Lead to getting a Business Development/Project Management job at Riot Games or other major game companies.

The personal learning goals is to

  1. Learn to leverage data, to draw conclusions and to build launch strategy
  2. Get hands-on analytical experience by collecting data from current game industry 
  3. Learn to organize, interpret and draw conclusions from a big amount of information and structured data
  4. Develop a good product sense by playing different games (casual, midcore, hardcore, and on multiple different platforms) 

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