Business trip at 2016 Tokyo Game Show

Hi! I am Evelyn Wei-Lin Yu. I am a graduate student currently pursuing the Master degree of Entertainment Technology at Carnegie Mellon University.

I worked as a Business Developer in mobile game publishers, Wayi Entertainment and  WeGames from 2014 to 2017. From play-testing new mobile games everyday, compiling findings, zooming on the games which have popularity in our targeted territories and then finding out the features that drive players spending, these daily routines prepared me plenty of insights to become a business developer in the game industry. As a business developer, my goal was to see the games I love to be launched successfully in the market. Having this aim in my heart, I put a lot of effort on driving promotional opportunities, overviewing the launches of multiple games and defining financial key performance indicators. This experience is irreplaceable since it allows my to work closely with operation team, marketing team and external platform partners such as Google Play and App Store.

I enjoyed a lot working in the game industry for that by play-testing different new games my everyday life was pulsating with each new discovery.

In order to get involved in game development process and enhance my ability to effectively present and share information across a wide array of game development expertise and seniority within the organization, I came to Entertainment Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon University and put myself into an environment which forced me to build rapid game prototypes with a small group of programmers, artists and producers. My journey in ETC also brings up many new dimensions of gaming that I would never be able to imagine by myself. Understanding the value of teamwork and adopting openly different insights from cross-functional roles in ETC as part of my career allow me to make concrete progress on communicating with programmers and artists , to manage and motivate my project teams to deliver results on time.

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